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eFax review in Seattle, Washington: WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!

On top of the service not working consistently (unable to retrieve or send faxes. Unable to retrieve any faxes sent via phone app from the website) The customer service number is a long distance number and is based in India and they barely understand and speak English. Extremely difficult to get anyone to shut up and listen to what you are trying to say. All the reps that I spoke with were busy talking over me to try and either sell me something I already told them no on, or just talking about nothing. I was hung up on for requesting to speak to a supervisor after requesting my account be canceled. I spoke with 4 reps today before finally getting fed up and canceling my account. The initial request was that the payment date be moved to the original payment date agreed on the 10th instead of the 8th. They continued billing on the 8th and I was got late fees that were not necessary. Even after canceling the original account to set it up on the 10th in order to have a billing date on the 10th they could not figure it out, and THEN tried to charge me for the late fee still. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was hung up on twice. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN. I highly recommend others do the same.
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They are beyond horrible.

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  • When the service worked
  • No online or email cancelation
  • Long distance service number
  • Rude customer service
Reason of review
After speaking with 4 reps and requesting to speak to supervisors and being hung up on twice I canceled my account. The original issue was due to a request to have my billing date moved to the 10th from the 8th.
Preferred solution
I would like payment stopped and returned and to speak with someone about the horrible and extremely disrespectful service received.
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EFax has the WORSE Customer Service

This was too much to input on eFax's survey sent to me after I spoke to their Level 2 Tech Support in Canada. I have always believed the concept of the eFax product was a great idea for every type of consumer, however, I never had a real need for it's use because I've always had a dedicated fax line. This fact recently changed which caused me to consider suing eFax. Since becoming a customer I've found serveral issues that caused me to become uncomfortable and unsatisfied with service. 1. My efax messenger has NOT worked the entire time I've been a customer. This was not something I expected to have to deal with as a customer given the global popularity of this product. ***I want to make certain I express the fact that the representative I spoke with in CANADA explained this issue to me in great detail. He was attentive, understanding and wanted to make sure I had a clear understanding of the issue, why it happened and how and when it would be resolved. Because of him I now know that due me having Win 7 (64 Bit) on all my computers the current software doesn't work. He also advised me of the resolution prepared to fix this issue is currently "on it's way but isn't out just yet." His treatment of me was excellent and I came away from our conversation NO LONGER irriatated and upset. eFax really has become a necessary componet to my home office. The rep in CANADA was outstanding and he truly saved the day. 2. In complete contrast to all I just said about the rep in Canada I want to express my feelings about the 5 previous phone calls I've made to eFax prior to today. I called Tech Support and Customer Service more than once over my first 30- days of using the eFax service. ALL the reps I spoke to were in India. 2a. I found it extremely irritating that I experienced a communication barrier each time I spoke to reps on the Tech Support Team. The stress of trying to understand someone who is in charge of helping me resolve an issue is the all time worse for any customer. 2b. The reps in India and I do mean ALL of them I've spoke with including the lady named Sarah of whom I spoke to twice today...were ALL rude beyond belief. I had to repeat my issue 2-4 times with each of them as well as repeatedly proivide my eFax number which I clearly state at the very beginning of each call. One rep claimed all I needed to do was uninstall and reinstall the software. In telling me to so the rep cut me off several times while speaking, raised his voice at me and acted as if he was rusing me off the phone. His solution did not work for me in spite of his "all knowing insistence." Another gentleman in Tech Support told me "I flat out didn't know what I was talking about" when explaining my issue. He too raised his voice at me. He told me he would be emailing me a link to a different version of the software that would work better on my computer in "just a moment." That moment was weeks ago and to date I've never received any such link. 2c. TODAY I call and spoke to Sarah in India. Rather than trying to help me resolve my issue she told me the following: -I should just send all my faxes via email since I was having a problem. -It doesn't matter that I pay the service and that the software has never worked the whole time I've been a customer. The reason why faxing via email is available is because the software doesn't always work...sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't were her exact words to me. She too raised her voice as if I was getting on her last nerve! -When I expressed my concern about the "software NOT working sometimes AND I'm paying customer, Sarah snapped at me with the comment that she would "just cancel my account then because that's how it is and there was nothing she could do." I then asked to be transferred to Level 2 in California. She sighed in my ear, gave a case number, told me to hold and hung up in my face. Oddly enough I got Sarah AGAIN when I called back. I asked to be transferred to California...she transferred me to Ottawa, CANADA! It was good she did as THERE is where I got the best customer service. I also failed to mention when I called one day last week I was transferred and put on hold for 38 mins with no one ever coming to the phone. Number 2 down is NOT a good look for j2 Global or eFax and with the economic shift we are seeing all over the US, more customers like myself will not tolerate the stress and strain of dealing with these kinds of service issues. Our money can be spent elsewhere as opposed to with eFax. It's a HUGE issue that needs to be seriously addressed. NONE of your customers anywhere in the world should be treated as I've have by your reps. Thank you for giving me opportunity to share my opinion and experience.
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