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We need a supervisor in customer service (in the eFax department) to contact us immediately. For over one year we have been getting frequent incessant calls on both our numbers. This is a business. This is unacceptable. We have put in many calls to customer service to not only figure out the nature of the calls, but to rectify the issue- to no avail. When I say frequent I mean quite literally all day back to back on both lines, sometimes with only mere minutes of peace before it ultimately starts up again. We can not operate business when these calls are incessantly blocking our lines up not to mention the time and money it takes for our paid employees to deal with stopping this instead of doing their job.

The first encounter with a cs rep was very helpful and the man informed me that it is not an issue of our account, as we don't have one. But that it is one of their consumers using their eFax plan to fax what they think is a fax line- both of our land line numbers. He said not to worry, he can put our numbers on a black list which meant that no matter if the person was using the services it would physically not come thru. We wouldn't get any calls on our end, and they would get an error on theirs. He said eventually the person/s would figure out and would likely stop faxing anyway so it would taper off naturally.

I have called in to customer service on an almost daily basis ever since then to get my number black listed. Clearly the "back list" isn't working. Each time I am assured its going to be handled and each time I am prevented from speaking to a manager.

Today, I speak to "Edgar" and am all but blamed for this situation/lying as "he can't do anything without an account number" which he talked down to me for not having (we dont have an account at all and thus no number) and "there is no black list" . He even went as far as to RUDELY ask me how that would even exist. HOW DOES THAT EXIST????? YOUR PEOPLE HAVE TOLD ME THEY'RE DOING THIS EVERYTIME I HAVE CALLED IN. Don't tell me it doesnt exist and that I am making it up when it's your team offering it. Unless of course I have been lied to on EVERY SINGLE call for over 6 months.

This needs to be handled now. It is not even in the realm of possibility that you can not. This is a service YOU offer and there has to be an override. You need to handle your service and get our numbers blocked promptly and permanently. This is not our problem, it is yours and it needs to be fixed now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Efax Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.


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