Sparks, Nevada
Not resolved

I signed up with efax in 2004. I had the same fax number for 12 years!

I decided to use it today but could not login to my account. I called customer service and the rep was rude to begin with.

She said my account was closed and put me on hold to get more info and never returned. I called back got the same rude treatment from a male rep and he basically said we only assist paid customers your free account is closed and there is nothing more I can do bye!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

eFax Cons: Service and customer service, Rude customer service.

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You're complaining about losing a free service, really?


And you are so miserable and negative that you have nothing better to do than leave your *** comment, really? What if your free email that you've used for years was suddenly deleted without notice? I guess you wouldn't care, but I do because I used the "free" service for years and to have it suddenly cancelled is inconvenient to me and would be to most people!