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This company is ridiculous with lousy customer service. The phone reps can't be understood - English is not their first language.

I 'chatted' with one of their reps about my problem. They cancelled my account after I disputed a $10.00 charge after paying $169.50 for a year. Said I faxed over 150 pages when it was actually 66. I asked to be reinstated and they said it would cost me $14.05.

I'd have to pay the original $10 with an ADDITIONAL $4.05 reactivation fee. The rep absolutely refused to refund my annual fee (45 days of service). I asked to chat with a supervisor and was told I had to call to get one.

Again, why would I call when I can't understand a word they are saying. I am disputing with my credit card company and have switched to HelloFax.

Product or Service Mentioned: Efax Fax Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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SpecialTawny Owl148

eFax will disappoint and frustrate you. It does not work as well as claimed, can't easily handle larger files as claimed and you will receive a ton of junk efaxes.

And then even more junk. Customer service is ineffective. You will pay, no performance, no refunds. It's one of the worst services of this type.

The only area it excels at is disappointment. Find any alternative


Efax sucks. They make it near impossible to cancel with a required phone call, long hold times and will charge your credit card whenever possible.


I just switched to after being held hostage by eFAX for well over a decade. SRfax is only $3.29/mo on their entry plan with 25 pages included (10 cents per page over that).

They also allow me to change the subject line in stored faxes. And they can be used in a manner that is HIPPA compliant if you need extra privacy.


And they verbally told me I can port out the number they assigned me. I am having that confirmed in writing. eFAX was holding us hostage and not allowing us to port our number out.


Im pretty sure anonymous is EFax owner commenting on everyone's statements in defense of its bulls***. Pretty sure.


You're an ***.

Charge backs cost money. So ya there's a reactivation fee because your dumb *** didn't contact then first about it.


So you dispute a charge they made without going to them first? ***