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I have been with Efax since April 2014 and only used it for their "free" service. I cancelled after the time that I used it and the rep saod it would take 30 days to cancel, so I let it be.

I have never used it and have no need for it. I just got billed today, still pending in my bank act. I called to cancel and the rep gave the same ole spill "it'll take 30 days to cancel" I informwd him that I wanted it cancelled effective today and a refund issued since it was just applied to my act. He went on about T&Cs for them, which allows this company to legitimately create robbery of innocent people.

The rep kept talking over me, raised his tone and was very condescending. I requested for a sup, spoke with a Ryan from the Canadaa office whom tried to tell me that the T&Cs are legally binding and that if you were to cancel with a cellphone company you have to give them a 30 day notice, that you still have to pay for that timeframe and that then you would have an ETF. (This is gonna be fun since I work for a cell phone company.) I advised him how grossly I correct he is, that a 30 day notice is not required and that the services can be cancelled on demand and a prorated refund would be given. That there is an ETF if the customer is in contract, but I am in no contact with Efax so that doesnt apply.

He stuttered and again said well, it's out T&Cs and they are legally binding. I finally said ok, keep the $17 that you just stole from me and I will ensure not one person I know falls for your scam.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Bit in effect they got your $17. I'm fighting them for the $10.74 they charged me and got the same attitude from an Ed and a Maddy.

How can a company like this continue to operate? Put me on hold, set-up their phone system to ignore you if you are looking for a refund...