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I signed up for efax's free trial a year ago because I needed to send *one* document to my previous university. It did not work.

I never used the service again. Little did I know that in their small print I was requested to cancel the free trial by phone. As I left the other university, that email account, which I used to create the shady efax account was discontinued. I probably cancelled the efax contract via that email but cannot remember and most importantly, cannot prove it.They have been charging me £9.93 a month as j2efax.

I only realised that,as this bank account has been idle for a while, because on an unrelated event ( or maybe not?)- the IT department at work emailed everyone regarding a phoney efax email containing viruses. When I saw the j2efax charge in my statement I immediately called my bank and efax. The guy told me it was cancelled and said that I would receive a cancellation email right away. He did mot send it.

I do not think I can get a refund. They find loopholes in legislation to scam people. Shame on you, efax!

As the sales rep said they are much like Netflix free trials so totally legitimate. Lovely company, eh?

Monetary Loss: $160.

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I check my credit card statement every month to avoid paying for services that I no longer need. If the company provides the service, it's my responsibility to use it or cancel when I no longer need it.