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I had services with fax87 for years at a low rate annually. Out of nowhere, I received a notice and popup when singing into my fax87 account that efax bought them out and now my service is with efax.

I get multiple calls and complaints about information sent to be via fax. Turns out my fax number in efax possession now is not working and disconnected for no reason for over 2 weeks now. Contacted customer support. First 2 people have no idea and bounced me around.

The 3rd lady, barely speaks English, said she will escalate it to senior engineer to fix the problem within 24 hours and I will get an email confirming it's fix. 24 hours passed. Still not fix. Contacted customer service, cannot reach anyone.

Auto response and selection only. Tried chatting. Verbatim responses and keep repeating 24 hours again and again. It's been 2 weeks without fax.

My business suffering. I'm frustrated and does not seems to be alone seeing all kinds of bad reviews and complaints about efax. Also, I checked my account. My rate is triple now with efax in compare to fax87.

Ridiculous. Will see when they will fix the fax service.

I will cancel and transfer service soon. This is ridiculous!

Product or Service Mentioned: Efax Account.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

eFax Cons: Price, Service and customer service, Getting ripped off, Company is a total fraud.

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I had Fax87 from July 2011 until I went to send a fax in early 2018 and the regular Fax87 login page tells me it is now eFax. I attempted to login because I needed to send a fax but couldn't login to send it.

Calls to eFax revealed that Fax87 customers hadn't been converted to the eFax platform. I was told I could download an app to my phone to use until my account was moved over to their platform. I explained that the document I needed to send was on my computer. Finally I guess I was connected to someone that actually understood my problem and he directed me to a webpage where I could download a program to my laptop that allowed me to send the fax.

Other than the notification on the Fax87 home page I never received any communications regarding the change over. I had been paying Fax87 an annual fee of $71.88 for their service and at no time was I informed what eFax would be charging me until eFax attempted to charge my credit card $99.99 (a whopping 39%+ increase) for an annual subscription on 6/28/2018. I would have caught it until I got a statement at the end of July except my CC flagged it a possible fraud and contacted me. I contacted eFax and got told that the $99.99 was a special rate for Fax87 customers or I could optional pay $9.99 a month.

Their website now works but my biggest issue is their failure to communicate to Fax87 customers (me) anything. I will in all probability search for an alternative, but I would like to keep the same fax number, so I may be stuck with them.