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Potential Class Action Lawsuit Against efax

Some consumers have complained that efax makes it difficult to cancel after signing up for the efax free trial, and have been billed for monthly efax service, despite cancelling, or attempting to cancel. We are looking for more information about this issue.

Questions About Efax

Does efax intentionally make it difficult to cancel their service? Does efax continue to charge consumers and small businesses even though they have requested that the service and billing be discontinued?

Information about efax

eFax is a registered trademark of j2 Global Communications, Inc. The headquarters and contact information for efax is:

efax, Inc.

6922 Hollywood Boulevard

5th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90028

Phone: (323) 817-****, (323) 817-****, (800) 287-****


* * *

Preston W. Leonard, Esq.

Leonard Law Office, LLP



(617) 329-****


Product or Service Mentioned: Efax Free Trial.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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I attempted to cancel my efax account over a year ago and was told it was cancelled.. I realized 2 months ago they'd been charging me $16.95/month.

I emailed multiple times to inform them of this, and they told me to call. I called and I was put on hold for over 25 minutes. There was "nothing the supervisor could do" because I had no record of the cancellation...

because they require you cancel over the phone. I would LOVE for someone to sue this company.

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