Huntington Beach, California

I signed up for a trial service, and gave them my credit card number. I couldn't get the service to work, and canceled the next day.

They are now billing my cc and won't refund. Customer service is outsourced overseas and you won't get past them. Email and online, the same thing. This really smells like a *** - if you cancel they are going to keep billing you and hope you won't notice.

I am disputing with the cc company, but may have to just cancel the card and have a new one reissued.

Stay away from this company!

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Law Firm Investigating Potential Class Action Regarding eFax Overcharges (Advertisement)

My name is Alex Safyan and I am an attorney at the law firm Pearson, Simon, Warshaw & Penny, LLP in Sherman Oaks, CA. My firm focuses on consumer class actions, and we are currently investigating a potential class action against J2 Global (the company that owns eFax) for overcharging customers after they cancel their eFax free trials. We saw your complaint on this website indicating that you were charged after you cancelled your eFax free trial. If you would like to discuss this potential matter further, please contact me at (818) 788-8300.

Thank you,

Alex Safyan


eFax also isn't the cheapest provider compared to other fax companies that have online fax services. I wasn't sure which company was going to work best and used It has reviews for all the email/fax companies with compared services and pricing.