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I just had the worst experience with and need to let the world know. Efax is constantly sending my entire database emails stating that my credit card was decide due to the expiration "expiring" The date 02/14 is what is on the card and also in my payment info on the site. I have fax number that my customer get to use and EVERYONE of them go the email. It was embarrassing and the supervisor Keith was unwilling to set the system to only send emails concerning payment to me and was unwilling to take responsibly for the mistake they made, even after charging the card and it going though. I am strongly considering leaving efax but all our cards are printed and I don't want to spend the money reprinting. I recommended looking at other services before using these guys.
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eFax has the worst (actually, non existent) customer service of any company I'd ever dealt with in my entire life. I had a simple question tonight: WHY AREN'T MY FAXES BEING SENT?

How hard would it or should it be for a FAX SERVICE to answer a question?

Don't sign up with eFax. You'd be better off using carrier pigeons.

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EFAX will not stop billing me.

I subscribed to a TRIAL service of eFAX (online FAX service) to mail transcripts to US Federal job applications. I canceled the service and even received a confirmation number, but when I checked my bank account I found they have been debiting my checking account for 13 months for a total of $247.30. When I call their customer service number I am routed back to the Internet and when I emailed them, them have not responded. I used the service exactly 3 times and once the recipient at the government agency told me the FAX was not readable, so I canceled the service. Or so I thought. I am PISSED. Consumers are easy prey for dishonest businesses. We have little power as individuals, but people should be warned to NOT do business with J2 Coomunications! I want and need help!
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I cancelled February 2011. That one and one half months into a year's subscription. I was refunded $3. I was very irate. They must of had me on speaker phone, because I heard laughter in the background. I told them to enjoy game, they earned it. The service plain quit working. They could or would not fix my service. EFAX said problem was on my side.

Got new service that works just fine.

Well, yesterday, (February 16, 2012) I started to get responses to my year-old e-mails to EFAX. They tried to start billing me again. I complained and received a new cancellation notice.

I have notified my credit card company, as soon as their billing hits, my company will have the billing codes and will start the payment dispute.


Because of reading your posts and others...I immediately canceled my account with EFax. You get billed whether you use this service or not and NO REFUNDS!

I told the foreigner who answered the phone about this website and how EFAX has not responded to anyone about their dishonesty. He very quickly got me off the phone. It's nice to see Erin and others are monitoring this company. Wishing you good results!

I hope that I will continued to be billed.

The foreigner assured me that I wouldn't, but I don't trust EFax. :?


Hi, my name is Erin and I am an apprentice at Balestriere Fariello, a trials and investigations law firm in New York. Our firm has been investigating eFax’s potential misconduct for several months and we are interested in hearing more from you about your experience.

Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience at or call analyst Sarah Goodman at (212) 374-5400, ext. 132.

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